Partners in general partnership company in Poland

In a general partnership company, all partners are jointly and severally liable with the other partners and the company, without limitation, with all its assets, whether present or future. However, the principle of subsidiary liability of partners is in place. It means that the creditor can only enforce the partner's assets when the execution of the company's assets is ineffective, but that does not mean that the creditor can not file a lawsuit against the partners beforehand.

Solution of a public company in general parnership in Poland

The dissolution of a general parnership in Poland occurs in the following cases:

  • occurrence of circumstances specified in the company's contract (however, despite the fact that the company continues to operate with the consent of all partners, the company is considered to be indefinite);
  • unanimous resolution of the partners on the termination of the activity,
  • bankruptcy,

In spite of these circumstances, however, the company continues to exist between the other partners when the partnership agreement so provides or the other partners so agree, and such agreement should be made immediately, otherwise the heir of the deceased or bankruptcy trustee may demand the partnership to be liquidated.

  • termination of a partnership agreement by a partner or creditor of a partner general parnership in Poland will continue to operate if the partnership agreement so provides, or the other partners so agree, and their agreement should take place before the deadline for the termination of the partnership agreement, otherwise the partner who terminated the contract or his creditor may require the company to be liquidated),
  • final court ruling(each partner may, for important reasons, demand a dissolution of the company by the court, but only if one of the partners is the sole cause of the dissolution of the company).

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