Transfer of a bank credit after a divorce in Poland

If upon separate agreement spouses decide that only one of them will be using the money loaned by the bank and they both agree that only one person who should pay the installments for the loan, both spouses should address the bank. Both sides have to turn to the bank to trans. Of course this is possible, but it is not easy. Banks are very willing to sign credit agreements with several parties because it is a good security for them - more people will be obliged to pay and in the end someone will definitely do it. When only one borrower is left, the bank must have solid arguments that one person can procide sufficient financial security. If it turns out that transfer of a loan to one party is too risky and does not give full protection, the bank may refuse consent, and then the former marriage, despite the fact that they are no longer connected, will have to continue to jointly pay the loan.

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