Cadastral parcel in Poland

Definition of cadastral parcel in Poland

Cadastral parcel (geodesic, land plot) in Poland in the smallest unit of land division for the purpose of land and buildings register (real estate cadastre). According to the Land and Building Register Law, a land parcel is a continuous land area within a single boundary, legally homogeneous, separated from the environment by means of border lines.

Characteristics of cadastral parcel in Poland

Continuity (area cohesion) of a parcel in Poland means that it can not be composed of two or more detachable surface objects. The location within the boundaries of the plot guarantees that the graphic image of the parcel is available for presentation on a single sheet of the map. In the case of long objects (railways, tracks) the parcels are designated in such a way that their boundaries coincide with the boundaries of the register areas.

The legal uniformity of the land in Poland is dealt with only in the context of the rights to property shown in land and buildings records (eg ownership, perpetual usufruct).

The parcel in Poland is defined geometrically by separating it from the environment with boundary lines defined by the points of the boundary refraction. Physically, in borderline points, border marks are placed, and border lines may be represented in the field by fencing objects such as fences, building walls,

When determining the boundaries of parcels in Poland , in the case of crossings between railway lines, public roads, inland waters and inland waterways, the following rules apply:

  • marine inland water and inland waterways flowing, except piped water or covered canal, divide railway lines and public roads into separate land parcels,
  • railroads divide public roads into separate land parcels,
  • public roads of the higher category divide the lower category roads into separate land parcels.

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