Land and building register in Poland

Land and buildings register in Poland is a geodesic public register of figures and descriptions of land, buildings and premises and data concerning owners of real estate (in the absence of data on owners, persons and organizational units that these properties hold) specified by Regulation of the Minister of Regional Development And Construction of 29 March 2001. The regulation specifies, inter alia:

  • the way of registering land and buildings,
  • how to keep records and detailed rules for exchange of registration data,
  • detailed scope of information covered by the register and the range of information covered by the price register and the value of the property.

In Poland, the land and buildings register is legally identified with the estate's cadastre.

Database of land and buildings register in Poland

Land and building records in Poland are established and maintained in an IT system based on computerized records databases. Computer data bases are an integral part of the State Geodetic and Cartographic Resources. The record covers the entire territory of the Republic of Poland, with the exception of the territorial sea. The territorial units of the division of the country for the purpose of the records are:

  • registration unit - the area of ​​land within the administrative boundaries of the municipality, and if the municipality includes a city with the status of a city also within the administrative boundaries of the city. In cities where districts are established, as an auxiliary unit of a municipality, a unit of account may be the area of ​​one or more districts. The unit of account is divided into register areas.
  • registration area - area of ​​land located within the boundaries of rural and urban areas or in cities within the limits of districts, urban areas or complexes or areas defined by natural boundaries defined by waterways, streets, railway lines and other physiographic objects.
  • register plot - a continuous land area within a single boundary, legally homogeneous, separated from the environment by means of border lines. Plots located within one boundary, forming one property, form a unit of land registration.

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