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Medical laws in Poland

Medical law in Poland is a set of legal norms in the form of a dozen of bills concernng civil, administrative and criminal procedures as well as rights and obligations of a patient, a physician, a nurse, and a congregation of medical institutions (hospitals).

Medical products in Poland

Medical product in Poland is a tool, a device, software, a material or other article, used alone or in combination, including software intended for use specifically for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes and necessary for its proper use, intended by the creator for use with humans in order to...

Notification of medical products in Poland

The obligation to notify an introduction of medical devices, an active medical devices for implantation, an in vitro diagnostic medical devices, systems and treatment kits composed of medical devices, hereinafter referred to as products, are governed by the provisions of Law on medical devices.

Application for notification of medical products in Poland

The application for notification of medical product in Poland should contain in particular ...


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